Working At Ombligo

We are currently a team of 20 people working at our headquarters in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and we hope to hire a few more people before the end of the year. We don’t like doors. We didn’t want our most senior, most experienced people behind closed doors. We didn’t build walls and we didn’t need doors. We wanted the people processing equipment to see the people working at their desks, and the people picking and shipping to see the accounting staff that was tracking the products that they were shipping. It definitely took some getting used to. People were excited to talk to one another simply because they could. However, the initial novelty of the open office wore off and it actually helped our meetings become more focused and productive. If someone has an awesome idea and wants to share that idea with the office, he’s able to do so in that exact moment; and well, that happens sometimes.


Currently there are no job openings.