The Data Security Vulnerabilities No One Talks About

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Data Security vulnerabilities


Companies in various industries spend a significant amount of money to make sure their data is secure (more specifically their network). And while data security has been on the forefront of everyone’s mind for quite some time now, very little resources have been dedicated to address the vulnerabilities of data once hardware/Information Technology (IT) equipment has been unplugged from companies’ networks.

According to Bloomberg, Forrester and other public research, companies’ worst hacking threat may be their own employees. As an example, a simple Hard Drive erasure is not an effective or a guaranteed data destruction technique; hackers – whether employees, contractors or outsiders – may still have access to reallocated sectors resulting from a drive fault.

Just this month, reports have surfaced naming an N.S.A. contractor who has been arrested due to a new theft of State secrets. Federal authorities are investigating whether the contractor stole and leaked highly classified government documents, including digital media and computer code which were contained on several computers and other IT equipment that were found in his home and in his car. While billions and trillions of dollars have been spent on network security and preventing online hacks, how much has been spent on preventing such thefts of physical hardware which contains sensitive data?

Does your company have a system in place to protect its data once hardware has been decommissioned or simply unplugged? Does your company leave unplugged hardware in a storage room where employees may have access to it? Has your company analyzed any potential gaps or vulnerabilities in chain of custody for its decommissioned IT equipment? Have you considered on-site data sanitization before transporting any of your company’s hardware for disposal?

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