Ombligo’s environmental integrity inspires Ombligo to identify new and innovative ways of reusing and recycling all types of electronic and associated equipment while ensuring employee, contractor & customer safety. Ombligo’s focus on refurbishing and reselling of “used” and “out-of-service” electronic equipment, while monitoring and tracking the recycling chain for electronics that are beyond their useful life ensures the company has a positive environmental impact.

Ombligo complies with local, state and national legal and regulatory requirements that guide its operations. Ombligo evaluates, monitors, and regularly reviews its operations and procedures to drive continual improvement, verify and validate the quality of its products and services and meet customer requirements. Ombligo sets performance targets for its environmental aspects and strives to reach them.  Ombligo identifies occupational health and safety hazards and strives to mitigate them.

Ombligo believes that its sustainability is not limited to its own four walls. With that in mind, Ombligo collaborates with its clients and customers to ensure that Ombligo is improving their environmental operations by reusing or recycling their “used” and “out-of-service” electronics and doing so in a safe manner.

These actions contribute to Ombligo’s commitment to prevent pollution, ill-health and to ensure a safe work place.

This policy is communicated and made available to the public, suppliers, customers, contractors and all interested parties.